What You Need To Do A DIY Lighting Assessment

There are different reasons for doing lighting assessment in Oklahoma. To begin with, you can carry a lighting audit to establish the actual condition of your current lighting fixtures. Secondly, you can do it as a comparison benchmark. This applies when you want to upgrade your lighting and you want to see if the upgrade will be more energy-efficient. Additionally, you can do the assessment to establish if you are able to meet the lighting needs of your workers.

Whatever your reason for carrying a lighting assessment, you can do the lighting assessment yourself or hire someone. If you decide on the former, you’ll need the following:

1. Lighting Assessment Program

Things have gone digital in the lighting assessment world. You need effective software to properly do a lighting assessment. A great option is DIALux. It’s a free and easy-to-use tool that you can download online. It enjoys the following amazing features:

• Global luminaire data

• Energy evaluation support

• Lighting planning

• Virtual lighting support

The software allows you to create a virtual world seamlessly and intuitively conduct virtual lighting assessment like a pro. It also gives you an opportunity to document your results with photorealistic visualizations.

2. Lighting Assessment Guide

With the help of the software, you need this sheet to guide you through the assessment procedure. It outlines all the basic steps that you need to follow to collect comprehensive data for writing the assessment report.

3. Energy-Efficient Lighting Report

When you are doing the lighting assessment for upgrading reasons, you’ll need this downloadable report. It will help you rate your existing lighting fixtures to determine if they are energy-efficient or not. The report comes with photos to help you do the comparison.

4. Lighting Terms Glossary

Since you are doing the assessment yourself, there are terms on the assessment guide that you may not know. You need this downloadable dictionary to learn their meanings.

5. Lighting Meter

This is used to collect lighting measurements that are necessary for compiling the assessment report.

6. Tape Measure

You need this equipment to measure the length of your light fixtures. This includes the size of the conduits and the wiring. In absence of a tape measure, you’ll need a meter rule.

7. Masking Tape

You may need to mark out grids when doing the lighting assessment. The masking tape will help you do it comfortably.

Though DIY lighting assessment in Oklahoma may seem like a great idea because you are able to save money, it’s very involving. To do it like a professional, the above supplies will come in handy.

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