Self-defense is a right and a duty. Self-defense is not violence. It is self-preservation. The only situation when you should act violently is a self-defense situation.

There is only one justification for violence: when you or your loved one is facing grievous physical harm. Kids need self-defense training. That is because the world is a dangerous place. Kids Krav Maga Sydney will provide a child with much-needed self-defense techniques.

The Jews are popular for many things. They are some of the best scientists in the world. Most Fortune 500 companies including Google and Microsoft have their research and development (R & D) departments in Israel. The Jews transformed a desert into one of the leading agricultural exporters in the world, in less than 20 years.

Krav Maga is another Jewish invention. The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) developed this fighting system. Initially, only the Israeli security forces used it. Presently, anyone can learn Krav Maga. This type of hybrid mixed martial arts will come in handy when faced with danger. Krav Maga has elements of karate, judo, wrestling, and boxing.

Krav Maga focuses on real-world situations. It involves brutal counter-attacks and it is very efficient. The street fighting experience of Imre Lichtenfield inspired this type of mixed martial arts. He used his training as a wrestler and a boxer to defend the Jewish quarter in Bratislava, Czechoslovakia against fascist groups.

As a young person, Lichtenfield was interested in a wide range of sports including boxing, wrestling, and gymnastics. In 1928, he won the Slovak Youth Wrestling Championship. He later won the adult championship in 1925. When anti-Semitic riots began in Czechoslovakia in the 1930s, Lichtenfield became the leader of a group of Jewish wrestlers who used to defend local Jewish neighborhoods.

Krav Maga emphasizes offensive maneuvers and aggression. Israel’s special units have used it many times. Some of the organizations that teach Krav Maga internationally include the US Marine Corps and British SAS.

There are certain techniques that started within the Krav Maga system. They include escapes from holds and chocks. Krav Maga has empty-hand weapon defenses such as pistol disarm, defense against an attacker with a bat, and defense against a knife-wielding attacker. This defense system borrows heavily from other niches such as judo and karate.

There are Krav Maga techniques that can cause serious harm. In Krav Maga, one should end a fight as soon as possible if it is not possible to avoid conflict.

The Bottom-Line

Self-defense does not merely involve a set of techniques. It is a state of mind. It starts with the belief that you are worth defending.

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