What’s Included In Kids Seed Growing Kits?

Not many kids like engaging in home gardening unless there’s a motivation. Well, there’s nothing as motivating as buying them a seed growing kit. It comes with everything that they need to grow vegetables at home. The interesting thing is that they are able to do it in a playful mood. Everything packed in the kit is meant to give them a fun idea about home gardening. They are able to design their garden however they want by injecting their own creativity. Of course, it has to be under your guidance. Though childrens gardening kits differ depending on brand, what you buy is likely to contain the following contents:

Playful Seeds

Most growing kits come with more than one seed type. The idea is to provide your kid with different options. However, all of the seeds have a playful property so as the kids can relate gardening with play. The most popular vegetable seeds are those of pumpkins, tomatoes, red pepper, cherries, and carrots. Each seed type is packed separately. Not only are these seeds colorful and playful once they grow but they are also tasty. So, your kids will always look forward to the harvesting season.

Gardening Tools

From the seedbed preparation to the maturation of the seeds, there’s a tool for every stage. For example, your kids will find a mini rake for leveling the seedbed and a trowel for lifting the seedlings once they are ready. There’s also a mini fork for making holes for placing seedlings and a watering can for irrigation purposes.

Instructions Guide

Maybe you are worried that you don’t know much about growing vegetables and so you think that you may not be of help to your kids if you buy the kit. You shouldn’t. The kit comes with an instructions guide for each seed. The guide explains how each of the seeds should be grown and what conditions are best. The kit also provide useful safety tips that you ask your kids to follow so that they remain safe when doing the gardening drills. You just have to direct your kids with the help of the guide.


The availability of childrens gardening kits makes it easier for your kids to enjoy home gardening. They get the motivation to get their hands dirty while doing something constructive and not just soiling their clothes. The kit is really a great investment for them.

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