When Is DOT Drug And Alcohol Compliance Training Necessary?

DOT is the department that is tasked to ensure efficient safe and reliable transportation. It plans, builds, regulates and maintains roads, airstrips and railways. Due to this mandate, DOT has put in place several measures to ensure that it functions and runs efficiently. Among the measures they have put in place is DOT drug and alcohol compliance training. When it comes to DOT drug and alcohol complicance training, many people often ask one question: when is this training is necessary? Continue reading to find out why.

If you employ Safety Sensitive workers

Some workers work in departments where safety is very paramount like transport companies. All transporters across all modes—water, air, rail or road—need to have employees that are 100 percent alcohol and drug free. That’s why a DOT and drug alcohol compliance training is necessary.

If you Manage DOT drug and Alcohol Training Programs It is necessary for people managing DOT drug and alcohol training programs to take the DOT drug and alcohol compliance training first. They need to equip themselves with the DOT compliance knowledge before managing their programs, otherwise how will they be able to carry out their duties?

If you are a supervisor

Supervisors in transport companies are the ones mandated with the task of identifying circumstances and indicators leading to suspicion that an employee is working under the influence of drug or alcohol. That is why they need to take the DOT training for supervisors in order to perfectly perform their duties.

When You Want To Comply With the DOT Requirements or Standards

If your company is governed by the DOT regulations, there is no option other than complying with their regulations. By so doing, you will avoid potential penalties such as financial penalties. How else will you be able to comply apart from taking a DOT drug and alcohol compliance training?

When you Operate vehicles that Require a CDL

If your operation entails vehicles that need a CDL and you have employed more than one person in your company, a DOT drug and compliance test will be necessary. This will ensure that your employees do not work under drug or alcohol influence as stipulated in DOT regulations.

Parting Thoughts

By and large, there is no doubt that DOT rules and regulations are very important in any transport business. If the event that you find yourself in any of the above situations, don’t hesitate to take a DOT drug and alcohol compliance training. By so doing, you will be keeping your business in the good books with DOT.

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