Why Invest In Speakers Bureau Agency?

Most of the speakers bureau agency operates because they get a commission from the speakers. It can be a 70/30 split between them and you in some cases. This means that your speaker agent would take 30% of your fee for facilitating your engagement. You also pay advance payment to cover their operational costs, covering speaker agent fees, travel arrangements, venue set-up, etc.

There are three main reasons why you should invest in this type of business relationship:

1) Speakers who use agents will earn more than those speaking directly with clients or companies by themselves. This is simply because these agents know how to negotiate well on their behalf and understand what different events require when setting prices and the budget they need to work with.

2) The speakers agency will handle all of your travel arrangements and provide you with transportation whenever you give a speech. This means that you do not have to worry about the logistical nightmare of getting yourself around different cities on time or remembering which hotel is where or how to get from one location to another. Instead, you can simply relax and focus on giving amazing speeches every single time without any hiccups along the way.

3) Some agencies might also connect you with other speakers who share similar passions as yours; this allows for collaboration opportunities if mutual events are available near each other at the same time frame. Connecting like-minded entrepreneurs can be an edge over others who are not as forward-thinking as you are.

If you want to find a reputable speakers bureau agency. The right agent will not only help you get more engagements and earn more income from speaking, but they will also save you lots of time that you can spend doing other things that move your business forward by being proactive instead of reactive, which is what most people who try to book their engagements end up doing. Today, many businesses are doing the “speaker-agency” route because it cuts out all of the hassles that can be time-consuming and detrimental to your main business. Here are a few things to check when working with any speaker agency.

Ensure that they are properly credentialed. The best way to start is by asking your speaker agent for copies of their certifications and credentials, so you can verify them yourself instead of taking their word for it.

Do not sign any contracts with long-term commitments. Most reputable industry speakers are highly sought after, even if they leave the agency or shut down their business. Therefore, they will have enough work available on a month-to-month basis without getting locked into anything longer than 30 days at a time. This ensures that you retain flexibility over your engagements while you’re there but also do not have to worry about looking elsewhere should things go sour somewhere down the line.

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