Why Patients Are Shifting To Super Glue For Varicose Veins In 2019

Although the superglue treatment may be relatively new, this surgical treatment has been used to mitigate varicose vein issues in the UK since 2012. With its success in Australia, the UK, and Canada, it has now become a very popular treatment for those who are suffering from varicose veins. Here are some of the reasons why patients are shifting to super glue for varicose veins treatment in 2019:

Minimal Invasive

Superglue for varicose veins is generally an outpatient procedure that does not require local anesthesia. With less or no recovery times, most patients are always back to their activities within a very short period. As a matter of fact, you can even drive yourself home with precision after the procedure.

There Is No Heat

Since superglue treatment use super glue, like an adhesive, there is no thermal or heat sealants involved. Apart from accelerating the recovery time, it also reduces the risk of affecting the surrounding tissues. Superglue has minimal or no bruising effect on the patient. This means you will leave your appointment with healthier legs!

Multiple Veins Can Be Treated At Once

As compared to other varicose vein treatment methods, this method can be used to treat multiple veins at once. Since you do not need to come back for any additional treatments, it will save you a lot of time. You’ll also have to take less time off from work or any other commitments that you may be having. You’ll completely feel relieved.

There Is Minimal Discomfort

This is perhaps one of the most important benefits of this treatment. Superglue for varicose veins has very little pain for the whole procedure. With several trials showing a success rate of over 92%, you will not feel any pain but you’ll enjoy a lot of gains. You’ll also have almost instant relief from the achiness, heaviness, and the discomfort of your condition.

You Don’t Require Compression Socks Anymore

Most patients who opt for this kind of treatment are happy that they do not have to deal with the discomfort of putting on compression socks anymore.


If you are suffering from swelling, leg discomfort, unsightly veins, heaviness, varicose veins or other symptoms, then this is the best treatment for you. However, like any other procedure out there, you need to carry a background research on the clinic or physician who is going to perform the procedure to ensure that he or she is worth your money and time. Past customer review is one of the best ways of gauging the reputation and expertise of the expert you plan to work with.

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