Why You Should Apply For TEFL Jobs In Vietnam

The growing economy in Vietnam has contributed to a growing middle class that prioritizes English learning for their children. All Vietnamese cities, small or large, are now offering English lessons at all learning levels by opening multiple English learning centers. This has contributed to an increase in TEFL jobs throughout the country. If you are an English teacher, there are lots of great reasons why you should apply for TEFL jobs in Vietnam.

Benefits of working in Vietnam

Working in Vietnam come with a wide range of perks, including but not limited to:

• Good salary: Irrespective of the city you get a teaching job in Vietnam, you are bound to get a good salary than you can get while teaching in most countries overseas. What’s more, the cost of living in Vietnam is low, meaning that teaching here can be quite rewarding irrespective of your teaching experience.

• Exploring new places: Vietnam is relatively small and you can explore some of its interesting attractions. No matter where you get a TEFL job in the country, there will always be interesting attractions for you to explore.

• Being part and parcel of the country’s profession: Vietnamese value education a lot. They have dedicated International Teacher’s Day to express their gratitude to teachers. While teaching English here, you can be sure of getting gifts and other appreciation tokens during the International Teacher’s Day from students and members of the community you are teaching in.

Getting TEFL Jobs in Vietnam

Getting TEFL jobs in Vietnam is quite easy for the following reasons.

• Simple requirements: The minimum requirements for TEFL jobs in Vietnam are simple. To get these jobs, you just need to be a native English speaker, have a bachelor’s degrees and a criminal background check.

• Employers aren’t strict about teaching experience: Many TEFL employers require minimum experience of 120-teaching hours on top of an English teaching certificate. Other employers won’t ask you about your teaching experience provided you have an English certificate and if English is your 1st language.

• Easy to obtain a working permit: To work in Vietnam, you require both a work permit and a business visa. These documents are quite easy to get, and any reputable employers can assist you to get them easily.

There are so many reasons why every English teacher seeking for good teaching opportunities should apply for TEFL jobs in Vietnam. From impressive benefits attributed to working in the country to the ease of getting rewarding TEFL jobs Vietnam is truly a suitable global destination for English teaching professionals seeking a world-class teaching experience.

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