Boracay Island in the Philippines is famous for its white sandy beaches and was once voted as the “Best Island in the world.” It is the Philippines’ most popular destination, and many beach-going and backpackers come here every year.

Many people do not know that Boracay diving is a wonderful way to explore some of the best World-class sites. Though small, the island still manages to have some amazing beaches with clear water and the best diving sites. Though it is more popular for its nightlife, parties, and beaches, divers will also have a lot of fun while they are here.
There are 25 different dive sites, all of which are easy to access. The view below the sea is equally amazing, and you can advance your diving certificates or get started on your way to certification.

Crocodile Island

It is one of the popular sites that tourists in Boracay visit. It is on the southern edge, and it welcomes snorkelers and divers alike. It is one of the best places to try Boracay scuba diving, especially for advanced divers.
The uncomplicated reefs and 18m depth make it a great location for dive training and team dives. Photographers will also have a great chance to take pictures of snakes, eels, and lionfish. The coral walls also offer amazing backdrops for the sea fans. There are also many nudibranch and cuttlefish, and they are attracted to the divers.

Friday’s Rock

Friday’s rock offers the best spots for beginners and has a maximum depth of 18m. It is famous for ribbon eels and stingrays, making the dives exciting while offering perfect views. Schools of angelfish, snappers, and parrotfish are also plenty at site.
The currents at Friday’s rock are tranquil, making it a great spot for introductory training if you are starting. The venue is open all year round and has shore access, which allows the divers to practice at their convenience.

Angol Point

For the full moon and night divers, Angol offers the best place for divers as it does not have currents and has depths of up to 15m. It offers a tranquil spot for photographers where they can have long photography sessions, and the visibility is incredible even in the dead of night.
Many colonies of the starfish are found at the Angol point together with other small dwelling species. The conditions become favorable exploratory dives and snorkeling during the day, making it popular for full-time service tours and beginning divers.
The site is small, and it will not take long to explore the entire site. However, the large amounts of species within these reefs make it a good spot for repeated dives.

Laurel Island

It has a predictable current, and only advanced divers are allowed to the site. The Laurel Islands are near Boracay and has a depth of 10m. It has a tunnel that you can explore as you dive and its closeness to Crocodile Island makes it possible to dive from both sites.
The corals are spectacular, but the strong currents make them less visible.


Looking for an ideal spot for Boracay scuba diving, Boracay is the perfect place to visit. Start planning your visit by visiting the various travel reviews to get the best places for excursions, where to stay, and the many activities to undertake.

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