Why You Should Use A Parking Garage Lifting System

Homes are often built for the immediate needs of the owners. There might be some allowances for the family’s growth but a lot of things might be overlooked including the space for car parking. Most have a garage that can fit only one vehicle and this could be a problem when more need to be added to the family’s fleet. For example, both parents may need their own separate cars while the growing teens are also angling to have their own. One of the best solutions to this problem is the installation of a parking garage lifting system.

Double Garage Capacity

The garage capacity can instantly double with a lift system because the first car can be elevated to make room for a second one underneath it. If there are already two slots in the garage, then you can make it four in the same way. Then you can have car space for the whole family instead of just cramming into the parent’s cars. As for collectors, this should prove to be an attractive way of storing their expanding fleet of exotic cars. They will not have to rent warehouse space far away since they can effectively increase their own capacity for storage in their home.

Minimize House Alterations

They can do all of these functional improvements without resorting to massive house alterations. Normally, you might think of needing to extend the garage vertically or horizontally just to accommodate additional vehicles. This might require costly renovations like creating a second floor in the garage and an access path to get there. With a parking lift, there is no need to go through all of that trouble. The cost is not trivial but there will only be minimal alterations to the existing home. You can leave most things intact especially if you already have a high ceiling. Just get the right lifts to fit everything in.

Increase Property Value

Although you may not be thinking about selling your property, you might still be pleased to know that its value could increase if you had a parking garage lifting system. Future buyers will appreciate having more slots for their own cars. It just eliminates a potential problem and makes the house more interesting to acquire. They will be amazed at this high-tech solution. Your guests might also be impressed with the new addition and pepper you with questions about it. It’s a great conversation starter.

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