Famous Speakers Who Advocate for Mental Health

Mental health issues are prevalent, and it is imperative to address them. With more people seeking help, mental health has become popular in media and advocacy. Famous mental health speakers have played a significant role in reducing the stigma towards the illness. They are instrumental in educating people about mental health and spreading awareness.

One of the most famous mental health speakers is Glennon Doyle. She writes and speaks candidly about her struggles with addiction, mental illness, and marital problems. Doyle advocates for mental health by sharing her experiences in her books, including “Love Warrior” and “Untamed.”

Another well-known speaker is Kevin Hines. Hines survived his suicide attempt by jumping off the Golden Gate Bridge, making him one of the only known survivors to do so. He now speaks about his journey, advocating for mental health and suicide prevention. He is the author of “Cracked, Not Broken: Surviving and Thriving After A Suicide Attempt.”

The third famous speaker is Terri Cheney. Having endured a debilitating bipolar disorder, Cheney speaks and writes with honesty and vulnerability about her life with mental illness. Her book, “Manic: A Memoir, ” is about her lifelong struggle with bipolar disorder. Cheney’s advocacy inspires people to speak out and seek help.

Another mental health speaker is Melody Moezzi, who recovered from mania and psychosis, sparked by the attacks on September 11, 2001. Her experience motivated her to speak out against the stigma surrounding the disease. Moezzi also authored “Haldol and Hyacinths: A Bipolar Life, ” which details her journey.

Popular mental health speaker, Naina Mehta, advocates for mental health, resiliency and mindfulness. She has a uniquely heartfelt perspective on mental health issues and family dynamics, while providing resources for support within the South Asian American community. Mehta’s TEDx Talk, “The Power of Resilience and Mindfulness, ” provides an original and useful insight into these topics.

Another name that has resonated in the field of mental health speaking is Josh Rivedal. Rivedal speaks to a range of topics, including resiliency, communication skills, and suicide prevention. He also provides motivational speaking to numerous audiences whose goal is to educate and spread mental wellness.

Lastly, Natasha Devon is a UK-based writer, author and mental health advocate. She promotes mental health through public speaking engagements, writing and media appearances. Devon’s work has made her popular among students, parents and teachers, as she is also credited with reforming the educational curriculum in the United Kingdom for mental health students.

Mental health speakers have played a significant role in raising awareness of mental illness. These famous speakers have the courage to speak out about their struggles and encourage others to also seek help. The advocacy of Glennon Doyle, Kevin Hines, Terri Cheney, Melody Moezzi, Naina Mehta, Josh Rivedal, and Natasha Devon have transformed the way people view mental health issues. They provide hope, insight and support that is desperately needed, not only in the United States but worldwide.

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