Maximizing Your Best Ball Draft Strategy

The best ball format is a growing trend in fantasy football leagues. Here, you draft players, but don’t have to set a lineup each week. Instead, your highest-scoring players are automatically used each week. If you’re new to best ball, it’s important to understand the differences in strategies compared to a traditional league.

Here are some tips to help you maximize your best ball draft strategy:

Draft for Depth

In a traditional league, you may draft for starters first and then backups later. However, in a best ball league, it’s important to draft for depth at each position. This is because you can’t make any changes once the draft is over. If you have a quarterback, two running backs, and one wide receiver, you’re putting all your eggs in one basket. Injuries happen, and you don’t want to be caught without a backup option.

Focus on High-Volume Players

In a best ball league, you want to focus on the players who have a high volume of targets or touches. You don’t have to guess which week a player will have a standout performance. Instead, you want to focus on players that are consistent throughout the season.

Consider Bye Weeks and Matchups

When drafting, consider bye weeks and matchups. You don’t want too many players on bye weeks in the same week, leaving you with a significantly weaker lineup than usual. And while you can’t change your lineup on a weekly basis, you can at least prepare for bad matchups by drafting players who have favorable ones.

Don’t Overvalue Running Backs

In traditional leagues, running backs are often the most sought-after position in the draft. However, it’s important to not overvalue their importance in a best ball league. While running backs are still critical to your success, you don’t want to use too many high picks on them if they’re not providing enough value. Draft players that will give you the most points overall, not just at one position.

Draft a Backup Quarterback

A quarterback is always important, but in a best ball league, having a backup quarterback is essential. You don’t want to be left with zero points if your QB gets injured, so make sure you have a suitable backup option.

Target Late-Round Sleepers

In a best ball league, it’s important to not leave value on the board. Look for players with high upside that you can take a chance on in the later rounds. These picks won’t make or break your draft, but they could pay off for the entire season.

Stay Active on the Waiver Wire

While you can’t make changes to your starting lineup each week, there is still a waiver wire in most best ball leagues. Pay attention to matchups and injuries throughout the season, and be ready to make smart pickups to maximize your chances of a championship.

Best ball draft strategy has a unique set of considerations that differ from traditional league strategies. Drafting for depth, targeting high-volume players, and drafting backup options are all critical to success. With these tips in mind, you’ll be well on your way to drafting a championship team.

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